Vintage Gemma Ward

I came across this shot late last night and I felt a pang of sentiment thinking back to not so long ago when Perth girl Gemma was the queen of the catwalks.

There was something in the water at that time and Perth was churning out world class models all the time. Nicole Trunfio (rumoured to be with rapper Ryan Leslie), Jess Gomes (who now hangs with P Diddy and Jay Z) and Amy Finlayson all hail from my sleepy city also. At the time I was working in a make-up store in the city and Gemma and Amy used to come in their school uniforms with knock knees playing with the eye shadows unaware that they were soon to become modeling superstars. Later they were models that I did make-up for in catwalk shows and I remember Gemma resembled a new-born foal trotting down the catwalk.

My friend Jules and I hired Jess for a shoot for bridesmaids dresses and the poor thing had to wear all sorts of horrendous feather hair clips and puffy frocks. Safe to say they don’t need to do shoots like that anymore!

Anyway… Kudos to Perth genetics.

For Dubai-ites who are unfamiliar with these girls, see below.

Nicole Trunfio


Jessica Gomes

Amy Finlayson

Images: Fashion Manic, Singapore Bazaar, Fashion Toast