Danielle Meder Paper Dolls


It is no secret that ASN has a penchant (or love affair, whatever) with illustration. Paper Dolls? No wait, an Anna Dello Russo paper doll? Eeeeek!

You can channel your inner child by dressing Anna up in all kinds of high-fashion pieces directly replicated by pieces she has actually worn. The stance of the doll is inspired by the street style the photography of Tommy Ton, whose photos of Anna are currently being exhibited in The Room at the Bay flagship in Toronto. The paper doll project was created by talented illustrator Danielle Meder, who was commissioned by Canadian department store, The Hudson’s Bay Company.



Danielle creates high fashion paper dolls that transcend childlike dressing up and illustrates outfits inspired by real life Haute Couture creations. Have a look at this Vionett doll:



Or Victor & Rolf


Or Balenciaga

Or Rodarte





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